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Get access to an exercise video library that will take your training to the next level.

Mike's programming will provide weekly exercises and health tips so you can continue to get the most out of your subscription.


Register instantly with PayPal or

receive an invoice directly from Mike.


Subscribers receive

 a Personal Distance Training Session

to set goals and create a personal plan. 

Get weekly nutritional tips, grocery lists, and recipes from world-class chefs that will help you build the habits to help you meet your goals.

Weekly lifestyle coaching tips to keep you in a growth mindset and help you bring more happiness to your life.

What is your optimal body composition?

Check out our body composition calculator

and find out for yourself.

“I like to bounce ideas off of him, whether it be about maintaining strength or how to recover for the next day and improve my lifestyle in general.“


- Charlie Tilson, Chicago White Sox



Part of each subscription is donated to these foundations. Helping to better the world and reach more people than ever before.

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