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Personal Fitness

As a certified personal trainer and weight management counselor with 21 years of experience, Mike Kates has the knowledge and experience to train people of all skill levels and ages. He can custom build a personal program that includes a wide variety of fitness modalities.
• Weight Training
• Cardio Fitness
• Fat Burning
• High Intensity Interval Training
• Body Weight Training

Weight Loss Programs

Mike Kates can assist you with a custom weight loss program and help you make the lifestyle adjustments that will help you reach your goals. With your whole body’s health and wellness in mind, Mike’s customized weight loss plans will complement your everyday life and fitness routine.
• Customized Weight Loss Eating Plans
• Sports Nutrition
• Lifestyle Coaching

Sports Specific Training

From youth athletes to professionals, Mike Kates can train you specifically for your sport. With experience that runs the gamut across all sports and levels, from recreation to professional athletes, Mike can make you faster, stronger, more agile and less prone to injury.

Pre/Post Natal Training

Mike Kates helps clients safely stay in shape during their pregnancies and bounce back post baby.

Injury Rehabilitation Training

Having worked with hundreds of athletes, Mike Kates knows what it takes to safely lead you back from injury to performance.

Fitness Programming

From designing workouts for teams to training youth athletes, Mike Kates works with athletes of all ages and abilities.


Mike Kates lives by the mantra that “age is just a number.” He’ll make you a believer too. Mike Kates trains clients of any age and also consults for senior center exercise facilities on gym design and programming.


Mike’s corporate services include everything from planning and installing an on-site fitness facility to coaching your employees to lead healthier lives. Corporate fitness programs can reduce insurance costs and improve morale.

Trainer Education & Certification Program

If you are interested in becoming a personal trainer, Mike Kates can help you to build your skills and move towards a successful career. With many certifications and years of training and expertise, he can give you the advice and knowledge you need to start down your path.

Do any of these apply to you?

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